Dessert wines are intensely sweet and are a joy to drink on their own but, have a pudding that matches and the sweetness drifts away into a beautiful combination. If you have had a great meal and everything has been perfect, you owe it to yourself to go out with a bang and choose one of these beauties, to make the last thing you have amazing.

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  • “While not technically a wine, frozen apple cider deserves to be mentioned on this list due to its exceptional qualities. Made from frozen apples, this cider offers a unique and remarkable experience that rivals many wines. Its distinct characteristics and flavours make it a beverage worth exploring and savouring.
  • “Rutherglen Muscat is a true Australian gem, crafted using a solera system that imparts deep oak and raisin flavours. With each new addition of wine to the old, it develops a rich and complex character that makes it perfect for special occasions.”