Corvid 19

Gales Coronavirus Response

At Gales we have been watching the developments surrounding the COVID-19 Coronavirus very closely. Over the last month we have been increasing our high standards of cleaning particularly surrounding high-use areas and taking every measure to help protect our staff and customers. This includes encouraging the use of contactless payment and providing digital versions of our menus and wine lists to avoid any unnecessary contact.

Whilst we understand the severity of this outbreak, having been in business in Llangollen since 1977, we also deeply understand the need for community. As such we will not, at this time, be cancelling any of our events going forward. We love this town and we wish to continue being a hub for your social lives.

Our full detailed response can be found on our website, but here are some of the things we are offering to help in the meantime:

To those in self-isolation, wine care-packages are available from our online shop and can be delivered to your door free of charge in the local area.

We will be live streaming our musical events (not the same as being here, but you don’t have to miss out).

Mother’s day vouchers will be available to those not wanting to bring at-risk older family members to a crowded restaurant.

Mid-week deals will be available to help spread out custom from our busiest times.

For smaller groups, we have a private dining room that can be booked out as a way to limit contact.

We can print disposable menus to order at the bar on request for those that don’t want to handle the menus in general circulation.

In the hotel, we are waiving our 48 hour cancellation policy for anyone that has had their flights cancelled or has been asked to self-isolate.
In the restaurant, our cancellation policy has always been very generous. We have never asked for deposits on table bookings and we won’t start now, just let us know as far in advance as you can.

In short, we are here for you and we are listening. If you have any concerns we haven’t addressed here, please get in touch and let us know how we can help put your mind at ease.

From all at Gales, stay safe and we’ll see you soon.

Gales Coronavirus Policy

Hotel Additional Cleaning Policy and Procedures
All door knobs disinfected regularly
Sani-wiping all television remotes after every stay
All surfaces Sanitised
Carpets sprayed with disinfectant
Disposable gloves and aprons worn
Hands cleaned regularly

Restaurant Additional Cleaning Policy and Procedures
Preferring contactless payment
Cleaning card machine after each use
Regular Hand washing for all staff
Toilet cleaning extra times
Disposable hand towels provided
Single use menus available on request
Digital Menus available via QR code

Cancelation Policies
We will waive our 48 hours cancellation penalties for:
Residents with cancelled flights due to CORVID-19
People with doctors proof of CORVID-19 self-isolation advice

Extended stays
The company can not be responsible for extended stays due to corona viruses and customers
should look into their own insurance policy if this is a concern.

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