Brännland Iscider 2021

“While not technically a wine, frozen apple cider deserves to be mentioned on this list due to its exceptional qualities. Made from frozen apples, this cider offers a unique and remarkable experience that rivals many wines. Its distinct characteristics and flavours make it a beverage worth exploring and savouring.

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Brännland originally began with the prospect of making Swedish Cider, however once realising that it wasn’t going the way they hoped, they instead turned to making ice cider from apples grown from both northern and southern Sweden with an importance placed on additive free pure apple ice cider

Apple ice cider or apple ice wine is cider which uses frozen apples which concentrates the sugars which can produce higher alcohol cider with a much more pronounced flavour and sweetness, as a result of its high (yet relatively small in the grand scheme of things) alcohol content and pronounced fruit flavour it makes for a perfect aperitif or to accompany a cheese board

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