Dr Loosen Erdener Red Slate Riesling 2021

“Another famous name this time from the Mosel This wine is the epitome of the dry German style with the assessable price. Basically the wine this the where the smart money is at.”

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Dr.Loosen are are a big deal in the riesling world with numerous styles and price points, they are are a member of the VDP (the elite of german wine making), their philosophy is centred on the belief that wine should tell the story of where it is from and the soil on which it was grown from simply he taste and smell, for example with this wine you should be emerged in the red slate soil and terroir of erden, which is done exceedingly

Riesling is the star of Germany and proudly takes centre stage, and that is certainly the case with the Mosel. German riesling is synonymous with ‘transparency of flavour’ and a presentation of flavour. At the end of it all German wine is Riesling and with good reason


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