Nivarius Riojan Whites

Three White Riojas from Nivarius

1 × Nivarius Polar Bear - White Tempranillo

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1 × Nivarius Stag - Maturana Blanca

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Nivarius is Rioja’s only producer that make soley white wines. Nivarius means “snow field” which refers to the snow that is ever present in a well on site. This is the high altitude cool part of Rioja Alta is why the whites are so amazing and explains the crazy snow themed labels. Not only are they different by shunning red wine, they also use non regular white grapes. Viura – the main Riojan white grape – is nowhere to be seen. This range of wines make for a great set to discover the lost grapes of white Rioja.

Nivarius is one of only a had-full of producers to use the white Tempranillo grape and the Polar Bear displays this perfectly. More zingy than your usual white from the area; Sauvignon Blanc lovers should try this.

The Stag uses the oldest white Riojan grape – Maturana Blanca. Although the oldest grape it was all but extinct until recently. This use of older varietals is revolutionarily but indicative of Rioja’s move away from the more high yield varietals from its past. Richer and more structured than the Polar Bear, this wine could even be kept back a little.

The Yeti is a blend of both grapes and is why this is such a great mixed case. See what happens when the best of both worlds join forces.

Although we are committed to this great range and have been for a while,  some of these wines are no longer produced or brought into the country meaning this mixed case is while stocks last.

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