Rizzardi 3 Cru Amarone

“Rizzardi’s Amarone combines grapes from their three Valpolicella vineyards, offering a captivating taste that showcases the region’s finest attributes in every sip.”


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Rizzardi are a family owned producer devoted to making ‘estate bottled and produced’ wine and are their philosophy is about keeping the business in the family and carrying on their history and heritage as brilliant Veneto based wines particularly in classico regions of Soave and Valpolicella

Their Amarone is blended from grapes picked from their 3 cru vineyards and composes Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone & Barbera. The grapes are then semi-dried to concentrate flavour however uniquely in the case of Amarone the grapes are fermented until the wine is dry and subsequently high alcohol and then aged for 3 years in oak all of which amalgamates into a plush and luxurious wine like no other and in this case by a brilliant family run producer where the wine quality is centre stage.

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