Wine Tastings

Here at Gales we offer a number of different wine tastings that you can book for your group of 6 or more.

Join us and expand your knowledge and enjoyment of wine, and have a lot of fun along the way.

Wine 101: An introduction to wine

Let's take this back to the beginning.
Learn about wine styles, wine tasting, reading wine labels, how to shop for wine, how to order wine in a restaurant. Followed by a simple quiz. Ideal for the uninitiated.
Fun and informative.
£20 per person

Food and Wine Matching

A look into the science of food matching. Try 4 wines against 4 types of canapés that emphasise qualities food can have: Spicy, Sweet, Rich, Bitter and so on. Making tasting notes between them and build up a matrix of combinations. We will add a few ideas of why things change and then sum things up by making some guidelines about wine and food matching.
£25 per person

Call My Bluff

Taste 6 wines blind, each can have 3 alternatives to what they can be. Your job is to whittle out the bluffs and become the best blind taster in the room. Great fun for all.
£20 per person
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