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Thank you

Thank you for making a reservation at the wine bar. Below are a couple of links you might find useful before your visit.


Don't miss out on our amazing Alpine Treat!

Raclette is a skiers specialty. Delicious melting cheese served on a hot plate, accompanied by crudites and cured meats.

Get the most out of our wine list

We've done things a little differently here.

Our wine list is split into three sections in order to cater to every type of wine drinker.

If you know your way around a list, we have a standard layout organised by country.

If you know what you like, but struggle to remember the exact names of things, we have the list organised by style.

And if you're a novice wine drinker looking for a little extra help, we've got a section of questions and answers that will help you find something delicious without the jargon.

So don't be afraid to spend a little time with the list when you arrive and we can make sure you get something you'll love to drink.

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