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Scared of Wine Lists?
We’re here to help you pick a nice wine.
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The aim here is present you with selections from our list based on questions we get asked a lot.

Wine lists can be a daunting place, but you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy great wine, so find a question you like the look of and we’ll guide you to something you might have missed on the list.

We’ll start with some general questions, then get more specific for you over the next few pages.

General Recommendations

Like parents with their children we don’t have favourites here at Gales we are constantly looking for new wines. So our favourites are our newest finds, something that has excited us at a wine tasting recently or something we haven’t tried in a while and has re-surprised us.

Our current favourites are:

Domaines Schumberger Grand Cru Saering Riesling £37.50
We have just got back from our trip to Alsace where Severine Schlumberger took us up the grand cru slopes by landcover to discover this sensational fresh mineral complex white wine we are in love with.

Peter Cruythoff Middelpas Pinotage £33.95
Wine tasting is a tough job that we have to do from time to time. It can all get a bit much but when you taste a good one you just know it. This is an elecgant smooth winner of a wine that stood out.

White Recommendations

Everyone who likes these zingy, grassy Kiwi whites should love the following.

Prios Maximus Reuada Verdejo £24.95
This is the best swap, great value and tickles all the spots the finest Marlboroughs do.

Chateau Anniche White Bordeaux £24.95
White Bordeaux’s are largely forgotten as a go-to wine these days but there is no need to be shy, this wine is a safe and approachable easy drinking.

Sancerre £34.95
Sauvignon Blanc at its best, this wine is the biggest treat. More mineral and subtle than its new world counterparts but way more complex.

Red Recommendations

Of course we have something for you. We have a few Shiraz from entry level to superstar. Here are a couple of choices plus a wild card option to make your selection just a little more difficult.

Four Buckets £27.95
A shiraz blend using the Touriga grape usually found in Port makes for a smooth alternative and interesting upgrade from our house shiraz.

YangarrA Shiraz £39.95
This is an excellent shiraz that, believe it or not, offers great value. It knocks the socks off other wines 3 times its price - a real biodynamic show stopper

Rijks pinotage Reserve £50.00
Veering off the shiraz band wagon we have this gem of a wine. Searching for a pinotage for my list, I ended up finding this- a wine that behaves like a top end silky shiraz. Not what I was looking for but easily one of the best wines on the list.

More Recommendations

Don’t have wine, lets get this party going with some more out there choices.

Ramos Pinto 10 year old £4.50
Ruby port is what you think of with cheese, this is because of all the big curranty notes that go so well with fromage. 10 year old tawny still has a little of the fruit notes to go with cheese but the more elegant notes of an older tawny.

Castilla PX Sherry £6.50
Intensely sweet, if you haven’t tried PX before you really ought to. It tastes of burnt sugar and figs. If you have this, you don’t need a chutney.

Neige Apple Ice Wine £7.00
From where some of the best ice wines are made, this is basically an ice cider. The result of this experiment is something else - in a blind tasting it’s a rich dessert wine. As soon as you know it’s made from apples that’s all you can taste. Fantastic.

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