Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! We have had Christmas, survived the winter blues and it’s time to really start the year and put your things in order. Nothing is better than a great big chuck out, clean up and fresh start with both space, stuff and habits. Here is what you should do when you are in that frame of mind with your wines.

Look through your wines and ask yourself are you really going to drink that? No one likes to be wasteful particularly when it comes to alcohol but are you really going to drink that cheap bottle that looks like its going to be a giant head destroying day off work head ache. God knows how it got there? Left over by a friend at a party, A moment of good intended frugalness or probably left the by the imps that pop up when you have drunk to much of the good stuff. Either way now is the day. I am not suggesting throwing it away or doing the evil trick of gifting it on at the next dinner party. I suggest freezing it into ice cubes and keeping them for your gravy, stocks and such.

Now that we have got the dross out of your wine rack its time to fill it. The next thing you should chuck away is that habit of buying the same wine over and over. Sure its super comforting to have a great wine you know your going to like, much like that holiday you go on to the same place every year is. But wouldn’t it be better to for go that caravan holiday in Angelsea and try somewhere properly overseas. Wine is a subject that having spent my entire life around the trade I still learn and try something new most days. Clean away that habit of staying safe and put something new in you new empty dustless wine storage.

Finally now that you’re in a good focused frame of mind let’s look forward and set some wine goals for the Year. Here are something for you to try. Go to a wine tasting, your’e not learning about wine until you’re comparing wines with one another, the best way to do that is side by side, seek out a tasting event near you, there are lots of them about if you look hard enough. Go to a vineyard there are now plenty of great places to visit in the UK but get on the eurostar and explore some of the great wine regions practically on your door step nothing helps cement wine knolallage than seeing where its made. Finally if you set one goal that helps the most in improving your wine game, its to find other wine nuts and share an interesting bottle with. Nothing pushes you futher than a good running partner or two.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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